Sensor Of The Size Of Dust Can Cure Nervous-System Disorders

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Sensor-Of-The-Size-Of-Dust-Can-Cure-Nervous-System-Disorders-326x245 Sensor Of The Size Of Dust Can Cure Nervous-System DisordersA day will come when a soldier who lost a limb can control the robotic limb attached with his mind or a paraplegic will walk again. This is no sci-fi scientist are working on a dust-sized sensor which will work inside the human body to simulate muscles or even brain. This sensor will also keep a track of the other organs in the human body.


The sensor as big as a dust-particle named ‘neural dust’ when implanted in the body will monitor the nerve, muscle and organs have been developed by Berkeley-based University of California. The scientists believe that neural dust can also simulate nerves possibly treat epilepsy and inflammation. The sensor fits into a 1 mm cube which is approximately the size of a sand grain.


Michel Maharbiz, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at UC Berkeley said in a statement that the neural dust will be a part of something much bigger than just the brains and nerves.


The piezoelectric crystal present inside the sensor can sense and convert ultrasound vibrations outside the human body into electricity used to run the transmitter in the sensor. Scientists are trying to even sink the sensor size further to about 50 microns per side.