Sequans in partnership with GeoTraq announces NB-400 Series of IoT Cellular Modules

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Sequans-in-partnership-with-GeoTraq-announces-NB-400-Series-of-IoT-Cellular-Modules Sequans in partnership with GeoTraq announces NB-400 Series of IoT Cellular ModulesSequans Communications, a fabless company IoT chipmaker company, in partnership with GeoTraq, a cellular IoT module manufacturer & network operator, in a recent press release statement, announced GeoTraq’s adoption of its Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT Platform for a new line of GeoTraq modules targeting LTE IoT markets.

The new GeoTraq modules –NB 400 series, uses non-IP data delivery (NIDD), which GeoTraq claims to offer a fast, secure, and efficient LTE connectivity in the market, all packed in an ultra-small LGA form factor of 12×16 mm module that houses sensor connectors, battery, and an antenna, resulting in a comprehensive module, that’s renowned in industries all around the world. The new GeoTraq modules also come with latest LTE-based, low power positioning technology, which is capable of delivering indoor and outdoor positioning with very high accuracy using only the LTE radio, thus eliminating the cost and complexity GNSS or other radios come with.

According to Gregg Sullivan, chief executive officer, GeoTraq, the company chose to partner Sequans owing to its proven marketplace success, and ability to deliver GeoTraq, an optimum combination of small form factor, low power consumption, low cost, and seamless global coverage.

The NB-400 module series is designed on the same principles as GeoTraq’s G-200 GSM Cell ID module that comes with an ultra-small LGA form factor, which comes at an affordable disposable price, 10+ years of optimized battery life, and tier 1 global cellular coverage in over 193 countries.  GeoTraq’s patent-pending technology allows for global non-IP data delivery (NIDD) over the control channel, providing an efficient LGA design, secured data delivery, and 7x faster speeds than traditional SMS.