Siemens USA partners Amdocs, Plans on improving the Digital Infrastructure

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Siemens-USA-partners-Amdocs-Plans-on-improving-the-Digital-Infrastructure Siemens USA partners Amdocs, Plans on improving the Digital InfrastructureIn view of the 7th Annual Infrastructure Week 2019, – scheduled from Monday, May 13th to Monday, May 20th – which is currently at its peak, with participation from the America’s business, worker, citizen, and political community, Siemens USA CEO Barbara Humpton expects to see the US undergo a high-tech infrastructure upgrade.

Speaking on this, in a recent interview Humpton said, “Cities across the country are really investing in electric infrastructure for charging vehicles. As buses and cars and, frankly, eventually even aircraft come online with electric, we’re going to need a deeper, more powerful charging infrastructure.”

According to Humpton, Siemens USA, which is working towards developing an electric infrastructure and bringing in more forms of renewable power onto the grid, will not just be stopping there.

With the wireless broadband and mobility tech having a key push factor in developing a great digital infrastructure, reports are that Siemens has entered into a partnership agreement with Amdocs (DOX), a leading SaaS provider to the communications and media industry, to enable mission-critical networks to leverage shared Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum.

The CBRS spectrum, by integrating Siemens solution with the Amdocs Spectrum Access System (SAS), is aimed at enabling a lower cost of entry into supporting mobility, augmenting Wi-Fi coverage, and capacity with small cells, in remote industrial locations such as substation automation, self-healing smart-grid systems, and intelligent transportation systems for traffic management and railway control systems.