Sigfox Expands its Technology Portfolio on a Global Scale

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Sigfox-Expands-its-Technology-Portfolio-on-a-Global-Scale Sigfox Expands its Technology Portfolio on a Global ScaleSigfox, a global network operator, as per recent reports, has expanded its network operations in over 60 countries worldwide, which includes the Europe and Americas, using its new Sigfox Operators feature, which provides the connection link to the world’s largest IoT ecosystem. The company eventually spent over $5.6 million to establish the global IoT ecosystem network.

Speaking on this context, Ludovic Le Moan, CEO and co-founder, Sigfox, said: “With its unique coverage and large quantity of connected devices, Sigfox definitely demonstrates its performance and relevance”. Adding further Ludovic said, “Tier one customers around the globe acknowledge our value proposition with a high level of satisfaction. It’s no longer a dream to track assets across continents with a few dollar trackers with years of autonomy. Only a 0G network can deliver such performance. But it’s never enough, save the date for Sigfox Connect in Singapore.”

Last year, in 2018, the network operator signed partnership agreements and deals with several leading companies all around the world, including Dachser, Getrak, Michelin, NEC, Netstar, PSA/IBM and Total, for asset tracking. Moreover, Sigfox also included automotive manufacturers and manufacturers in the mobile industries, Alps and LiteOn, into the Sigfox ecosystem.

Sigfox, which also partnered the satellite operator -Eutelsat, is geared up for its first satellite test this year. Furthermore, the two companies all planning the commercial launch of the “ELO” constellation next year, in 2020. The key objective of this Sigfox-Eutelsat partnership is to cover the entire planet with a high capacity combination of ground and satellite networks.