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Sirikit And Bot Powered Gaming Incorporated Into Telegram

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Sirikit-And-Bot-Powered-Gaming-Incorporated-Into-Telegram-300x129 Sirikit And Bot Powered Gaming Incorporated Into TelegramIntegration with Siri and a new Bot powered gaming platform were now been incorporated into the Telegram app famous for its speed and security. The update is only for iOS, though. The app offering bot powered games are rich in sound and graphics, though it has been offering bot powered text based games.


To start using bot simply type in @gamebot in any of your chats and start playing with your friends. The high score will be saved in whichever chat they were been initiated and the opponent will be notified whenever the high score is been updated in the leaderboard. The games will be rendered in ordinary HTML 5 web pages and loaded on demand as a result of which the size of Telegram app will not increase and it certainly will not waste any storage on your phone. About 30 games are there at the time of launch. The games will be basic and casual indeed and will be mostly the arcade type. But the company has promised that the future titles might include multiplayer 3-D like complex games.


The Sirikit framework has also been updated to iOS 10 version of Telegram. This will allow third-party apps to interact with Apple’s intelligent personal assistant.