Sirin Labs And MyEtherWallet Collaborate To Enhance Outreach Of Blockchain Smartphone


Sirin-Labs_And-MyEtherWallet-Collaborate-To-Enhance-Outreach-Of-Blockchain-Smartphone Sirin Labs And MyEtherWallet Collaborate To Enhance Outreach Of Blockchain SmartphoneThe developer of the Finney Blockchain phone, Sirin Labs has partnered with popular Cryptocurrency interface MyEtherWallet (MEW) to integrate its Finney Blockchain smartphone. The deal will reportedly see the Ethereum wallet-generating service rolled out in the Finney’s built-in cold wallet. According to the report, MyEtherWallet users will now be able to purchase the smartphone through its web and app platforms. Sirin, which introduced Finney last year, will also allow MyEtherWallet users to more easily access Ethereum and control their private keys.

On this move, Sirin and MEW jointly stated that it came about as a result of a need to drive adoption and make the process of accessing and handling Cryptocurrency tokens more straightforward. CEO and Founder of MEW, Kosala Hemachandra said that we’re always looking to bring more secure integrations to Ethereum to make our users feel safe while navigating the crypto waters, and we believe having an on-phone hardware wallet is immensely valuable to users. He further added that this will not only make it easy to send and receive crypto transactions, but it will also make crypto more accessible to a wide range of users.

In November last year, it was reported that the Finney phone takes a focus on secure storage of owners’ Cryptocurrencies, it notably offers a cold storage wallet, which reportedly said it’s effectively a second device stashed in the phone’s housing. The wallet even boasts a separate processor, where users will interact with it through a second LCD screen, the only place security seed phrases can be typed in. Moreover, the Sirin’s Finney is designed to make Crypto more accessible and will convert between different tokens as users’ demands when operating different apps, although at launch token choice was limited.