Skyline Group Integrates Machine Learning Into Their C4X Leadership Coaching Solution

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Skyline-Group-Integrates-Machine-Learning-Into-Their-C4X-Leadership-Coaching-Solution Skyline Group Integrates Machine Learning Into Their C4X Leadership Coaching SolutionSkyline Group, a pioneer in leadership development technology, in a recent statement on Wednesday, Jan. 16th 2019, announced integrating machine learning (ML) into its C4X platform, an end-to-end coaching management, and leadership development solution.

The company’s scalable leadership technology platform, C4X, launched in 2012, was the first-of-its-kind solution, which has continually evolved ever since. Now with ML integration, the platform will be at the peak of leadership development based innovation, providing leaders with greater curated experience, increasing program value and results. The platform will be ideal for companies investing in coaching for their employees, providing them a much detailed data and reporting insights by leveraging the machine learning technology. Additionally, the emerging digital tech will further the platform’s personalized email micro-learning capabilities, that’ll ensure curated, actionable content delivery for users when and where it’s needed.

The C4X platform was extensively analyzed, i.e. hundreds of content pages and supporting resources, were explored via the following set of questionnaire, to offer it the micro-learning capability; i.e. What data are captured for creating learning goals of the leaders?; How is content connected to learning goals?; How is the training program organized?; What are the key interactions between coach and leader?; and What are the most important actions the system can take that will provide the greatest value to the leader?

An AI-optimize learning algorithm, with its collaborative filtering, program analysis, and user profile analysis techniques was developed to evaluate resource relevancy based on a user profile, program interaction, and coaching objectives.