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Slack Reached 4 Million Active Users Per Month Milestone

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Slack-Reached-4-Million-Active-Users-Per-Month-Milestone-300x129 Slack Reached 4 Million Active Users Per Month MilestoneA series of Milestones announced by Slack that the company has achieved recently. One of them is the active monthly users reaching 4 million in the month of October. Almost half of those users are outside of United States. Along with those 5.8 million weekly active users is also announced by the company. This number includes 33,000 teams and 1.25 million individual paid users for the company’s service. On Slack teams, app installation also exceeds 6 million. The company said in a blog post that continued impetus on the Slack platform is a vital indication of the intensifying role they play in the business software ecosystem.


Applications that aid tens and thousands of their customers across the globe, business processes, data streams and integrated workflow are what they meant when the company mentioned “Slack is where business happens” and not just people sending messages to one another.


Facebook deploying Workplace (an enterprise collaboration service) and Microsoft planning to roll out Skype Teams beta version next month are just another big players stepping into the Slack’s territory while the company cruise ahead. With its third party integrators, such as sign in with Slack and Salesforce the company is planning to stay competitive.