SlamData REFORM on AWS Marketplace Announced

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SlamData-REFORM-on-AWS-Marketplace-Announced SlamData REFORM on AWS Marketplace AnnouncedSlamData Inc., a leading JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data integration solution provider, in a recent press release statement on Saturday, Feb. 9th, 2019, announced the launch of the powerful REFORM visual data integration software application for JSON solution on AWS Marketplace.

REFORM with its seamless interface offers access to complex JSON stored in S3, MongoDB or many other places and visually transform it into analytics-ready tables, without the need of any kind of coding. These tables can further be streamed directly to Redshift or Snowflake or simply downloaded as .csv files. The application automatically syncs data, thus automatically updates the latest data even as keys are added or removed and array lengths vary, thus being the only software with these capabilities. The application supports access to even the most complex JSON, without any kind of coding. The user can use the REFORM software application to browse data, then pick specific data and it will automatically appear as analytics-ready tables in Redshift.

According to Jeff Carr, CEO & co-founder, SlamData, the SlamData REFORM enables users to quickly and easily transform JSON data from S3 or MongoDB to Redshift. With the REFORM application, companies need not hire two data integration engineers for every analyst, handing back the power to the business analysts or data scientists. The REFORM application significantly reduces data integration cost and complexities that companies face.

The REFORM application is ideal for SaaS applications, IoT and APIs that generate JSON data in large volumes. The application with its quick time to value capability for data reduces the additional cost and workload that data integration teams face.