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Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit’s major role play during emergency situations

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Social-Media-Analytics-and-Reporting-Toolkit’s-major-role-play-during-emergency-situations-300x167 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit’s major role play during emergency situations
Social Media
The Researchers at Purdue University are successful in the creation of a tool they claim that will help first responders to find relevant posts that may lead to an emergency situation on social media. Named the Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit or simply (SMART), this uses free application programming interfaces particularly relating to Twitter and Instagram in pulling out posts pertaining to a geographic region to help filter specific keywords and examining their clusters and posts in order to flag trending or unusual topics.
Purdue’s Visual Analytics carried a project to Command, Control and Interoperability Environments to SMART offering a map-based interface which will permit tens of thousands of posts on social media in sorting and analysing the real-time scenarios. With the help of this technology the users are enabled to build and customize keyword by filtering interactive and visual keys so as to enable decision making in sensitive situations like in disaster times or accident response.
With the SMART’s visual analysis, users are enabled to observe, supervise and configure each analysis process, in accordance with the project’s research brief. Visualizing crowd-movement patterns and routes with respect to social media data at various scales will help analysis and show anomalies and outliers. Users are made able to search web and news media sources to gain email alerts about specific topics.
The browser-based tool are being used by the Purdue Police Department for observing large events so that the researchers can plan in advance how to reach a wide spectrum of audience. The aim of the project is to transform tools made available for the first responders to enable information downloading into their phone during emergency and crisis situations, according to a discussion with VACCINE Director David Ebert.