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Social Media Effort For Rio 2016

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Social-Media-Effort-For-Rio-2016-300x129 Social Media Effort For Rio 2016For highlights, reports on the go and live updates about the Rio Olympics 2016 going to be held from next week millions of fans will tune into their favorite social media network. And social media is the place where fans will share the victory of their favorite athletes and other news and articles related to the games. Here is how our social media has responded to this.



To help fans follow their favorite team or athletes, sports, and events from the Olympic Games 2016, Twitter titivated its moment features. Tweets will appear on your timeline with daily medal count, recaps, results etc.

The official accounts for Olympics, The Olympics Flame and Rio 2016 are the best way to follow the games and #Rio2016 to catch extra actions.



To showcase exclusive content and commentary Facebook and NBC have teamed up for the third consecutive time. Featuring highlights and interviews the companies created a social command center in Rio to capture short form Facebook live videos.



NBC’s dedicated Rio 2016 feed and Buzzfeed can be followed on Snapchat as the company was in a partnership with NBC. Users can find a dedicated channel in the mobile app that features daily live stories.