Softek Solutions Builds Tool to Help Clients Audit Pharmacy Formulary


Softek-Solutions Softek Solutions Builds Tool to Help Clients Audit Pharmacy FormularyPRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS – May 9, 2019 — Softek Solutions, Inc. announced today the release of its Formulary Compliance Control. This new control will help current Cerner® clients easily manage the integrity of their formulary. The control alerts hospital administrators of key issues in the system, such as missing or incorrect HCPCS codes or QCFs, which often lead to denials from billers or not receiving the maximum reimbursement available for all their medications.

The Formulary Compliance Control also proactively identifies expired or expiring drugs so pharmacy departments can ensure that expired NDCs are not in use at their facilities.

“The pharmacy formulary is one of the largest and most complex data sets in Cerner® because formulary data is constantly changing,” said David Hallberg, Vice President, Product Development at Softek. “Manually auditing a formulary system can take days or even weeks. Softek’s Formulary Compliance Control can reduce this audit down to just minutes and instantly identify where the key issues lie.”

This control from Softek helps address many issues hospitals face with formulary compliance. Reimbursement and coding issues often occur because of incorrect or missing HCPCS codes or expired drug administration. Hospitals also face billing denials from Medicare and reimbursement errors when codes do not match up.

“We have seen promising results so far and plan to roll out the control to many more clients over the next six to nine months,” said Hallberg.

One client had just completed a two-week review of its pharmacy formulary. After getting access to Softek’s Formulary Compliance Control, the pharmacy director confirmed he could have completed that audit in hours instead of days with the new control. Softek’s control had also identified issues that his manual audit had missed.


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