Software Firm SnapLogic Announces Self-Service Solution for Machine Learning

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Software_Firm_SnapLogic_Announces_Self-Service_Solution_for_Machine_Learning Software Firm SnapLogic Announces Self-Service Solution for Machine Learning

SnapLogic, a software company that offers Integration Platform as a Service (PaaS) tools for connecting Cloud data sources, SaaS applications and on-premises business software applications, has declared SnapLogic Data Science, a latest self-service solution to speed up the advancement and deployment of Machine Learning with minimal coding.

SnapLogic Data Science enables data engineers, data scientists, and IT or DevOps teams to maintain and control the entire Machine Learning lifecycle including data acquisition, data exploration and preparation, model training and validation, and model deployment, all from within the SnapLogic integration platform. The solution helps break down traditional boundaries that can weaken Machine Learning initiatives by implementing a common platform for Machine Learning visibility and collaboration across teams. The SnapLogic research noted that 68 percent of IT decision makers think Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be indispensable to expediting their transformation projects.

By bridging the data science skills gap and automating the Machine Learning lifecycle, SnapLogic Data Science builds end-to-end Machine Learning accessible to enterprises of all sizes for the first time. Chief scientist at SnapLogic, Greg Benson pointed out that every business in every industry will need to apply AI and machine learning in order to keep pace with today’s most growing businesses. However, he said that most organizations fall flat in realizing Machine Learning because they don’t have the skill or financial resources to make the most of their data. Benson added that with the new solution SnapLogic is helping clients to defeat the common drawbacks associated with putting Machine Learning into practice by providing them with a full stack of self-service tools to be faster, more agile, and more data-driven.