Software Giant Google Acquires DevOps Research and Assessment and Made It a Part of Google Cloud

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Software_Giant_Google_Acquires_DevOps_Research_and_Assessment Software Giant Google Acquires DevOps Research and Assessment and Made It a Part of Google CloudTech giant Google has acquired DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), where DORA will continue to generate enchanting experiences for developers and operators through data-driven insights that deliver value utilizing DevOps in the Cloud.

CEO and Chief Scientist of DORA, Dr. Nicole Forsgren stated that the most innovative businesses build and deliver their software quicker, reliable, more securely, and with higher quality, standing as high performances in technology. He also said that his company is thrilled to join a team committed to delivering researched-based DevOps practices.  DORA’s research into what makes a high performing technology team is measured foundational in the DevOps space. In forward, Forsgren noted that his company has led the largest studies on DevOps to date, and the company’s work includes the 2018 research report, called Accelerate: The State of DevOps, in partnership with Google Cloud and supported by more than a dozen of industry sponsors; many research reports and whitepapers. The central portion of DORA’s work, the Four Key Metrics, was recently emphasized by ThoughtWorks Technology Radar as a method to test out the success of technology transformations. DORA’s research, additionally, is tinted in the bestselling book, named Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps, which is authored by DORA’s founders Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim. The leadership of DORA in the DevOps space is an innate fit for Google Cloud, as both organizations are known for DORA’s mutual commitment to the developer and operations ecosystems.

DORA’s data-driven approach has aided teams to manage automation, process, and cultural change to advance the quality of their software and the quality of their work-life. Google Cloud is venerated for its shares to the open source community and is called for its research-driven approach to comprehending how developers and operators work, and what makes them victorious.