Solera Health And Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute Joint Force On Social Determinants Of Health Initiative

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Solera-Health_And-Blue-Cross-Blue-Shield-Institute-Joint-Force-On-Social-Determinants-Of-Health-Initiative Solera Health And Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute Joint Force On Social Determinants Of Health InitiativeSolera Health, a Phoenix, Arizona-based digital healthcare services platform that offers a marketplace for benefits and chronic disease management programs, has teamed up with Chicago, IL-based Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Institute on a new program. The partnership will focus on social determinants of a health initiative, and Solera Health will work with BCBS and tailor its platform to connect people with community-based providers and other resources that could contribute to social determinants of health. According to the companies, the resources will be paid for through outcomes-based claims.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), social determinants of health include everything from food security to housing status, and income to access to health services. These factors can impact an individual’s health risks and outcomes. In a statement, BCBS President Dr. Trent Haywood stated that the future of healthcare prevention moves away from the clinical setting into the community setting. This transition means that food, fitness, and transportation will become an integral component of how we evaluate holistic approaches to the health and well-being of our population. He further noted that the collaboration with Solera will help them to better understand how they can address social determinants of health quicker and more effectively.

The latest deal isn’t new for Solera. The company recently inked a deal with Fitbit to offer all Solera DPP enrollees Inspire and Inspire HR devices, including Medicare and Medicaid plan members. It also made a deal with California Food is Medicine Coalition, which allows the former’s medical nutrition therapy intervention to be covered under California Medicaid. Solera, in the year 2017, received a USD 18.3 million in funding that raised its total value to USD 30.3 million.