Sonitrol adds TotalGuard Smart Hub to its suite of Security Solution offering

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Sonitrol-adds-TotalGuard-Smart-Hub-to-its-suite-of-Security-Solution-offering Sonitrol adds TotalGuard Smart Hub to its suite of Security Solution offeringSonitrol, a leader in verified electronic security, as per recent reports, has added TotalGuard Smart Hub – an all-in-one solution that provides video verification, impact-activated audio, glass-break detection, wireless support and more – and new wireless devices into its suite of security solutions offering to small and medium businesses.

With this latest addition to the suite, including the variety of wireless sensors that connect to the new TotalGuard Smart Hub, Sonitrol has gone all out in its attempt to aid small and medium businesses in expanding their reach and alarm capabilities.

The Sonitrol TotalGuard, launched last year, in 2018, as a DIY response to security systems, aims at small to medium businesses market, bringing them into the loop, by offering low-cost professional security.

TotalGuard, being an all-in-one, edge-based device, acts as a standalone IoT panel. Each TotalGuard device comes equipped with the Sonitrol impact-activated audio detection, glass break analytics, video verification and surveillance, motion, and wireless connectivity, all being professionally monitored from a Sonitrol Central Station.

When it comes to the device support, the TotalGuard Smart Hub enables users to enroll up to 32 Zigbee devices that are AES 128-bit encrypted, and are supervised and tamper protected. Moreover, the solution’s pairing compatibility with exterior thermal imagers offers an added layer of outside protection, along with exterior cameras and Sonitrol Cloud access control.