Sonos Welcomes Specialised Devs with open API’s

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Sonos_Welcomes_Specialised_Devs_with_open_API’s-300x160 Sonos Welcomes Specialised Devs with open API’sSonos top-shelf speakers intend to play nicely with other connected devices in the home that has been challenging in the past, but that’s about to change soon, as the company has announced the Sonos Sound Platform with new APIs including developer tools and documentation data to associate with third-party hardware and software to make it easier.A free Web-based service used to integrate smart home products was also announced by Sonos, so that now we can have Sonos to start our favorite radio station with specific mechanisms.

Jonathan Collins, research director at ABI Research, a technology advisory company based in Oyster Bay, New York has stated that IFTTT adds a way for Sonos and supports to tie its offerings into wider smart home integrations by employing end-user enthusiasm and a wider developer community. He mentioned this as the important step that brings Sonos into the rapidly growing segment of the smart home market where it increases its value.

With the support of IFTTT, they become more effective in the market and Sonos platform arises as far more attractive where its customers far more likely to stay with the platform long term. Sonos company strived for the better results by opening up its platform that sent a signal to the market which is adaptable. This Sonos new open approach may impact its fortunes in the home speaker market where its Parks Associates expects to take it off in the coming months.

Kristen Hanich, a research analyst at Parks Associates expressed that he hopes to see a really huge sales jump in Q3 and Q4 this year that certainly becomes a more capable device that accelerates the drive sales