Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark 5 With 315 AF Points


sony Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark 5 With 315 AF Points
The Sony Cybershot RX100 (Mark 5) is considered the very capable pocket camera. In fact the most capable in the market out there. The company’s track record of refreshing its point and shoot is usually once a year and for it just happened. The camera is incorporated with a 315-point autofocus system in a CMOS sensor of 1-inch type. The RX 100 is capable of capturing 24 frames per second autofocusing between each shot with the combination of contrast-detection and phase-detection sensors.


The predecessor’s stacked design is also implemented into this iteration. When shot with high-speed the memory chip affixed to the underside of the sensor aids for the data moving from the sensor and with buffering as well. The rolling shutter and distorted image issue of the CMOS Sensor are also taken care of with data shuttling and fast shutter speeds.


The RX 100 preserves all the good thing users love about this camera and adds a super-powered AF system. 4K video, full manual controls, a bright f/1.8 zoom lens (24mm to 70mm), Wi-Fi with NFC pairing, a pop-up OLED eye-level viewfinder in addition to the adjustable LCD screen and the 960 fps slow motion mode. Despite the features, the camera is compact enough to fit in your pocket for a price of $1000.