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Sony Reveled Playstation VR’s Unexpected Sales Figures

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Sony-Reveled-Playstation-VR’s-Unexpected-Sales-Figures-300x129 Sony Reveled Playstation VR’s Unexpected Sales FiguresFor the first time ever Sony has disclosed its sales number for the Playstation Virtual Reality headsets. The company said since the release in October 915,000 units were been sold. This sales figure enables Sony to achieve the target of selling one million units in the time period of six months. Shortage of the PlayStation VR units in stores particularly in Japan was led by this success. The numbers are at minimum a fractionalendorsement of VR’s marketplace perspective, at a moment when years’ worth of propaganda, and the question of actual consumer interest, have been somewhat dominated by polemic. Oculus Rift Sony’s direct competitor was hit with a $500 million judgmentfor violation of a non-discloser agreement with Zenimax earlier this month. However, the Jury decided the Oculus Rift hasn’t stolen any trade secrets. The potential involvement of the Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey also led to a controversy last falls.


The development of Virtual Reality competitor Augmented Reality gear by the magic leap has led to an acquisition saying it mislead marketing tactics. Whether they can achieve the target and release the product in the market was questioned by many. HTC Vive the third competitor in the Virtual Reality showdown have performed modestly. Sales figure of 500,000 and 400,000 were declared by analysts for Vive and Oculus Rift respectively.