Speedcast announces Iridium Certus(SM) for its Multi-Land, Maritime & Offshore Customers

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Speedcast-announces-Iridium-CertusSM-for-its-Multi-Land-Maritime-Offshore-Customers Speedcast announces Iridium Certus(SM) for its Multi-Land, Maritime & Offshore CustomersSpeedcast International Limited, a remote communication, and IT solutions company, in a recent statement on Sunday, Jan. 20th 2019, announced the commercial availability of the Iridium CertusSM, an advanced new multi-service platform powered by the $3 billion Iridium® NEXT constellation, for its customers. The new multi-service platform is capable of meeting any needs of customers from small to large applications, or low to high-speed, across IoT, maritime, land mobile, and government applications, bringing enhanced functionality with enterprise-grade global network connectivity to the multi-land –Land, Maritime, and Offshore markets.

The Iridium Certus with its robust multi-service platform where one terminal is capable of delivering a range of services from multiple high-quality voice lines to the highest throughput L-band data connection available simplifies satellite communications. With initial IP data speeds of up to 352 kbps, speeds up to 704 kbps can be achieved with a firmware upgrade. The IP connection speeds are bound to reach speeds up to 1.4Mbps, i.e. 10-times faster, and can support Streaming IP, Short Burst Data (SBD), prepaid and safety services. With this new multi-service platform, customers can save big on deployment costs by eliminating the need to deploy expensive infrastructure such as large, expensive directional terminals that are dependent on geostationary satellites.

According to Tim Bailey, Executive Vice President, Products, Marketing, and Business Development, Speedcast, the company aims to deliver reliable high-speed communications to its customers worldwide. With the introduction of this new multi-service platform, the company plans to launch several unique hardware and airtime packages that bring flexibility across multiple land, maritime and offshore usage needs for all segments. The price packaging of Iridium Certus, combined with Speedcast’s wide range of Value Added Services makes it an industry-leading offering for either primary communications or as a backup to its Global Ku-band VSAT.