Spot Mini: A QuadraPedal robot from Boston Dynamics

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Spot-Mini-A-QuadraPedal-robot-from-Boston-Dynamics-300x129 Spot Mini: A QuadraPedal robot from Boston DynamicsSpot Mini is a four-legged robot looking like a dog that can walk around your house and accomplish certain tasks, but can it be a pet replacement? BostonDynamics is an Engineering and Robotics design company owned by Google.The company has designed a small enough four-legged robot which can walk around the house. The Spot is originally developed for the U.S military, of which Spot Mini is a smaller version.

It has a LIDAR laser imaging sensor on top and a mechanical arm with a claw-like design at the end to grab stuff. This configuration although looks uncanny but can be practical in real world scenario. The mechanical arm can extend for certain tasks such as picking and dropping objects demonstrated in a video posted on YouTube.

The erudite four-legged robot is definitely a step forward into the future, but it is not yet perfect. In a video posted onYouTube, Spot Mini was seen with a few imperfections. In an instance, it refuses to release its hold on a canned beverage and in the process it tipped over and the next it fails to notice the banana skin on the floor and tipped over, again. But the good part is that it don’t need any help to get up when tumbled, rather it extends its mechanical arm for support to get up.