Sprint: Spireon to Leverage CAT M Connectivity on the Curiosity IoT platform

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Sprint-Spireon-to-Leverage-CAT-M-Connectivity-on-the-Curiosity-IoT-platform Sprint: Spireon to Leverage CAT M Connectivity on the Curiosity IoT platformSprint, an Overland Park, Kansas-based leading telecommunications company, in a recent press release statement on Monday, Feb. 25th, 2019, announced that Spireon, an Irvine, California-based leading connected vehicle intelligence company, will be leveraging CAT M Connectivity on Sprint’s Curiosity™ IoT platform.

According to Ivo Rook, senior vice president, IoT & product development at Sprint, when the company first launched its Curiosity IoT platform, the company signaled the importance of the platform. The Curiosity IoT, apart from being flexible, offers a connectivity agnostic operating environment and has the potential to meet all the demands of every client and every possible IoT application. The company with its long-time partner, Spireon, which is all set to leverage CAT M for their millions of connected vehicles, plans to further deliver on this promise. Its critical in lower power connectivity applications, which includes fleet and transportation industries, to maximize battery life while also enabling seamless coverage while traveling through rural areas.

According to Kevin Weiss, CEO, Spireon, the company with its business-critical vehicle intelligence solutions caters to the customers in the automotive, fleet and transportation arenas, which demand reliable and efficient network connectivity. Sprint has been a great partner in bringing Spireon’s FleetLocate® solution to thousands of fleets of all sizes across the US, and the company is excited to have them again to begin shipping of CAT M devices for their GoldStar™, Kahu® and FleetLocate® solutions running on the Sprint network.