SSA wants Virtual Assistants to aid growing retirees in US

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SSA_wants_Virtual_Assistants_to_aid_growing_retirements_in_US-300x200 SSA wants Virtual Assistants to aid growing retirees in US

In U.S. every day, more than 10,000 folks are turns into the age 65, and by 2030, one-fifth of the U.S. residents could be at retirement age by Census Bureau. Most of them now want to talk with the United States Social Security Administration representatives over the phone or at a regional office. The rising number of potential retiree’s questions has now presented many challenges to SSA’s customer service model.

To update its customer service operations and ease the workforce, the agency wants to put into practice an off-the-shelf Virtual assistant solution. SSA pointed out that it doesn’t plan to build new software for the virtual assistant, and in its place need to procure a business solution that has been efficiently deployed by manifold businesses for three years. However, in a pre solicitation, agency explained that it is looking to virtual assistant software to customer service support that integrates AI and Machine Learning to permit for talkative interactions with customers and serve a better self-service experience. The solutions might be compliant by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program and run in the Microsoft Azure Virtual Private Cloud or Amazon Web Services or AWS which are part of SSA’s infrastructure.

The solution ought to incorporate with manifold SSA systems, sit behind the SSA firewall and offer services across voice, mobile, text and video mediums.

The solution is required to memorize customer and human agent actions in the context of talks, so it will partake in manifold and multifaceted conversation flows and influence captured info to purify future responses to further customers. SSA desires to utilize the virtual assistant along with the Benefit Eligibility Center in the ‘My Social Security’ web portal to assist aspirants comprehend their options concerning to file their retirement. And throughout talkative interactions, the software could help online retirement aspirants recognize their options.