Startup ePluribus builds feedback tools for federal officials

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Startup_ePluribus_builds_feedback_tools_for_federal_officials-300x169 Startup ePluribus builds feedback tools for federal officialsA startup of two brothers, ePluribus has raised USD 865,000 from an investor’s consortium to help direct engagement between constituents and legislators. The startup is building an extension tool that will authenticate the identity of constituents who uses Facebook to conduit their feedback on specific issues to the people who represent them.
The extension will send Facebook posts to legislators at the federal, state and local levels.

The identity verification tool now limits the users who create many accounts. The company supposes to examine additional effective ways of proving that constituents and their representative’s jurisdiction for more easily they can contact. Identity verification would play an important role to fasten into how legislators might vote on an issue; because they receive a lot of feedback from their constituents that change their mind every time.

The extension will enable users to decide how much information they want to send to their representatives and also encourage users to tell representatives who they are as they deem that representatives will give their messages more weight. The startup brings a high-level approach that is not going to integrate directly with legislative offices’ Customer Relationship Management software; they are making a tool that will transmit information to CRM.

The tool will start after the midterm election. The entire tools started out with an idea while both brothers were in the studying period, since then, one has graduated and the other is taking a break to concentrate on the startup.