Startup Zabo Aims to Combine Crypto & Bank Account, Prepares for US Launch


Startup-Zabo-Aims-to-Combine-Crypto-Bank-Account-Prepares-for-US-Launch Startup Zabo Aims to Combine Crypto & Bank Account, Prepares for US LaunchTwo Dallas dudes – Alex Treece & Christopher Brown, are gearing up for the US launch of their crypto bank Zabo, and are all set to dig in and reap in the benefits of the FinTech industry.

The startup claims to combine the bank with cryptocurrency. The crypto bank will offer Bitcoin (BTC), and Ether support at its initial launch. Zabo in its latest funding round received $1 million from Blockchange Ventures. The startup aims to be a regular full bank account, providing checking, savings, debit card, direct deposit, and more facilities along with Bitcoin and Ether wallets, and Cryptocurrency exchange platform to buy and sell crypto within the bank account. The idea behind the startup was to allow cryptocurrency exchange from a bank account. The startup already is receiving sign-ups in early 2019.

Zabo is a FinTech startup headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Southern US, with Christopher Brown, Alex Treece, and William Dias as founders. Alex Treece is also the President at Zabo, and Christopher Brown, the CEO. Both Treece and Brown are experienced in blockchain development, lecturing, and consultancy work.

Together with Zabo, they own another firm – Modular Banking, a digital asset solutions provider for the banking sector.