State Senator Turns Himself Into Custody In A False Theft Case Of Cryptocurrency-Server

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State_Senator_Turns_Himself_Into_Custody_In_A_False_Theft_Case_Of_Cryptocurrency-Server State Senator Turns Himself Into Custody In A False Theft Case Of Cryptocurrency-ServerRepublican Michael Williams, a senator from the state of Georgia, turned himself in over his alleged false claim of theft of cryptocurrency mining equipment from his office premises in May 2017.

The republican in May 2017, filed a false report to the police, claiming that cryptocurrency servers, worth $300,000, used to mine unnamed cryptocurrencies went missing from his office complex.

Prosecutors, who doubt that the theft ever happened, are yet to give a verdict. In Dec. 2018, Williams, who was indicted by the grand jury on three counts, turned himself into custody.

According to A.J. Richman, one of Mr. Williams’ attorney, Mr. Williams did not do this, and they’re waiting on the undisclosed evidence. As soon as it is disclosed, they’ll know further, but at this point, all they know is what the indictment says.

Williams, prior to these allegations, co-sponsored a cryptocurrency payments bill, Senate Bill 464, for the Georgian Senate. He drew a lot of attention to himself from people all over the country when he campaigned for the next governor of the Peach State on a “deportation bus.” The bus had messages such as “Danger: Murderers, kidnappers, rapists, child molesters, and other criminals on board” and “Follow me to Mexico” written all over it. Williams acts were condemned a lot.