Sportsman checking his pulse via app on his smart phone.

Stick-on health sensors for emergency response

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Stick-on_-health-_sensors_-for_-emergency_-response-300x169 Stick-on health sensors for emergency response
Sportsman checking his pulse via app on his smart phone.
With the highly increasing developments in the artificial intelligence and its products, now the latest news is out that researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a suite of wearable and disposable sensors. Don’t stop by this, the first responders have an access to use this suite for rapid multiple victims’ medical data. This will help them in the quick access to an emergency situation and easily dissolve it as and when required.
Let us talk about it in a detailed description, now the VitalTag monitoring sticker is first attached to a patient’s chest which will help in detecting, monitoring and transmitting vital signs about the bod, like its blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate along with metrics and elimination of its needs in several discrete medical devices. The last or the third sensor is worn on the finger ideally the ring, and the third one is placed in the ear just resembling wireless earbud.
The Patient data is displayed in a mobile app which will have an access into the responder to help view the patient’s location on a map and to receive alerts when their status changes or the need to be moved to treatment facilities. This technology is also used by the responders to simultaneously monitor multiple patients.
PNNL is trying to get some commercial partners who are ready to in licencing the technology and applications for emergency medical response and performance sporting.