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Stock Chevy Camaro Will Do 200 mph

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Stock-Chevy-Camaro-Will-Do-200-mph-300x129 Stock Chevy Camaro Will Do 200 mphImagine a stock Camarodoing nearly 200 miles an hour. Yes, the 650-horsepower 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will max out at 198 miles an hour. Incorporated with a 10-speed automatic transmission the Chevy was able to achieve the 198 mph figure. The test was carried out at the High-Speed Oval at the Automotive Testing PapenburgGmBH test facility in Germany. The test track of Papenburg is 2.5 miles straight and is joined by 49.7 degree banked turns. Nevertheless, that sort of banking allowed GM’s test drivers to run the Chevy flat-out the whole way around. One straightaways the vehicle maxed out at 193.3 mph, but going the other, way it in fact topped 200 to be more precise 203.3 mph. in order to get any wind advantage and disadvantage the average of those two to get 198mph. Moreover,that is when the car was stock, save for a bit of compulsory safety equipment and data logging stuff.


Even the tires were completely legit, with the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3s set at 44 psi, which is Chevrolet’s suggested setting for extended high speed driving. With a little modification such as setting the camber to zero degrees and max out the pressure of those tires, the company claimed a 200+ mph on a regular basis.