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Storage Pricing Simplified By Amazon

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Storage-Pricing-Simplified-By-Amazon-300x129 Storage Pricing Simplified By AmazonWith a series of price cuts AWS (Amazon Web Services) has simplified what its customers pay for the storage products. S3 (Simple Storage Service) the company’s popular service that had six pricing tiers earlier have now only three with a 16 percent to 25 percent corresponding price cut. A trio of retrieval options has been added to the Glacier, a less frequently accessed storage option. Though Glacier users get a 43 percent price cut, the new pricing structure shows that the customer paying more can access their data faster while the customer paying less will have to wait. AWS’s re:invent, a conference where the company will introduce new suite with new services and offerings is about a week ahead when the updates were announced. Its other services Elastic Compute


Cloud rely on AWS storage hence the key service that Amazon offers is storage. With the changes, announced S3 users will experience a price cut in December. On an average, the price per gigabyte has been reduced to 2cents to 2.5 cents, which was earlier 2.75 cents to 4 cents per gigabyte. The company has added three retrieval options in order to reduce the pricing confusion. Google has also announced a Coldline tier design to compete with Glacier about a week ago.