Storevirtual 3200, A New Affordable Software-Defined Storage Unit From HPE

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StoreVirtual-3200-a-new-affordable-software-defined-storage-unit-from-HPE-300x129 Storevirtual 3200, A New Affordable Software-Defined Storage Unit From HPEFast and flexible storage gear is a need of small and medium sized business as much as a larger enterprise. The industry is now manufacturing some affordable gears considering the smaller businesses. The storage product lineup of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has been extended to the affordable territory this Monday.


Smaller organizations will be benefited from the two new hot trends in the enterprise storage and software defined storage and flash. Enterprise storage helps in lining up the right storage for every application and software defined flash will give a speed boost said HPE.


The company launched its StoreVirtual array in the year 2014 to put storage under the control of software control and now there are about 200,000 plus deployments worldwide mentioned the company. The company introduced a StoreVirtual 3200 with a 1.2 TB capacity and the market price of $ 6,055 which is much cheaper than it multi-terabyte systems costing tens of thousands of dollars. The company believed the 3200 can be the first step of SMBs to software-defined storage and gradually migrate to the new type of infrastructure. A two node system with 14 TB capacity will be cheaper than the current StoreVirtual 4000 with a similar configuration.


The cheaper price is due to the ARM microarchitecture processor which costs much less than the x86 processor and deliver the kind of power that the company needed.