Strategizing the Humongous Data Generated by Driverless Cars

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The days of drivers telling kids to “get in the car” are soon fading out, resulting in a murky twist of events where instructions to climb a car will be mobile operated. With computers consuming the globe events nowadays there is a growing explosion of data. Autonomous vehicles (AV) are ruling computers environments and infrastructures.

This will help in keeping passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers safe on the road reaching their destinations.
AV data is pacing swiftly towards success with autonomous test vehicles, generating 5TB and 20TB of data per day and per vehicle respectively. All this data has to be received, stored, protected, analyzed in real-time and retained for research and legal information. Most of the automotive manufacturers and suppliers have a need for data analysis and retention with a few strategizing for high digital and manageable data. With technology solutions existing worldwide this is not an impossible task to achieve.

Intelligent data protection can be achieved through the classic “3-2-1” rule, in which a minimum of three copies of data are stored on two different media with one held off-site. During longer-term data retentions, you will require high performance/low-latency access. Detailed monitoring, alerting, and scan/search capabilities for workloads in complex IT environments are crucial categories.