StreamUnlimited Qualified as an Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Solution Provider

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StreamUnlimited-Qualified-as-an-Alexa-Voice-Service-AVS-Solution-Provider StreamUnlimited Qualified as an Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Solution ProviderStreamUnlimited, a supplier of software solutions and modules for smart audio, voice assistant and IOT products, in a recent statement, announced that it has qualified Alexa Voice Service (AVS) certification, and is now an AVS Solutions Provider. The solution is available for demonstration at Consumer Electronics Show -CES 2019, at Las Vegas Convention Center.

Now, as an AVS Solution Provider, StreamUnlimited will help brands and ODMs come up with new and innovative ways to integrate Alexa functionality into their differentiated products. With the company’s multi-dimensional StreamSDK software stack offering a wide variety of features that enable ALEXA interaction and control, this much-awaited feature will seamlessly integrate audio devices, like connected soundbar, into the voice controlled smart home environment, to offer content-rich features like online music services, multi-room playback, and high-resolution audio quality, for home entertainment aficionados and tech enthusiasts.

According to Markus Rutz, Chief Technical Officer at StreamUnlimited, AVS’ qualification of the StreamSDK enables its brand customers and ODM partners to build new and innovative, Alexa-enabled audio products that go beyond the realm of smart speakers. The kind of in-depth features and a flexible ecosystem StreamSDK offers encourages developers to build feature-rich audio products, such as soundbars and AVRs, which can seamlessly integrate Alexa. With the hardware agnostic design of StreamSDK software stack, customers get an option to use their own hardware, or one of StreamUnlimited’s existing hardware modules that have been designed with audio and voice control applications in mind.