Striim partners Snowflake on Accelerating Cloud-Based Data-Driven Analytics

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Striim-partners-Snowflake-on-Accelerating-Cloud-Based-Data-Driven-Analytics Striim partners Snowflake on Accelerating Cloud-Based Data-Driven AnalyticsStriim, a Palo Alto, California-based end-to-end streaming data integration and operational intelligence solution provider, in a recent press release statement on Tuesday, Apr. 16th 2019, announced entering into a strategic partnership agreement with Snowflake, Inc., a San Mateo, California-based data warehousing, cloud, and analytics solutions provider, to accelerate the real-time loading of data to the Snowflake data warehouse, thus speeding things up to provide a simplified and quick cloud-based data-driven analytics.

With the Palo Alto-based Striim’s real-time data integration capabilities, Snowflake customers running in Microsoft Azure or AWS can easily transition to the Snowflake data warehouse, from existing on-premises or cloud-based data warehouses, databases, and other data sources, in a phased manner.

“We are delighted to partner with Striim for their streaming ETL capabilities. With Striim, Snowflake customers can ingest a wide range of real-time data in a consumable format to feed rich analytics,” said, Walter Aldana, Snowflake’s Vice President of Alliances. “Striim’s built-in scalability, security, and reliability bridges the adoption of Snowflake for time-sensitive, operational decision making.”

Striim uses low-impact change data capture (CDC) to ingest real-time data from major enterprise databases, in its bid to continuously load data to the Snowflake data warehouse. Also, being an enterprise-grade platform, Striim ensures built-in security and reliability for extremely large data volumes. Additionally, the platform’s in-flight processing, denormalization, and transformations further accelerate the time-to-analysis process for Snowflake customers by continuously feeding data in the right format to Snowflake.

“Striim and Snowflake share a mission to enable every organization to be data-driven. However, to be data-driven, companies must first gain access to the data by building the real-time data pipelines that can continuously feed their analytics and reporting,” mentioned Alok Pareek, co-founder and EVP of Products at Striim. “By making it easy to build streaming data pipelines to load real-time data to Snowflake, Snowflake customers can more quickly enable their modern data management, data warehousing, and data analytics initiatives. We are thrilled to be a strategic partner with Snowflake in this effort.”