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Substitution Of Web Domain Is Proposed By US Tech Firms

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Substitution-Of-Web-Domain-Is-Proposed-By-US-Tech-Firms-300x129 Substitution Of Web Domain Is Proposed By US Tech FirmsGoogle, Facebook, Twitter and other major technology companies are asking the United States Congress to sustenance a plan for the govt. to yield the control of the technical management of internet to the global community. Some republican lawmakers are demanding to block the handover to the global stakeholders including tech experts, public interest advocates, and organizations. They say by voting rights to authoritarian govt. it would choke the online freedom.


The process of transferring oversight to non-profit ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is scheduled to happen on October 1 which is subject to change if the Congress voted otherwise. For domain names like .net and .com and the corresponding numeric address that let the computers connect is operated by the California-based Corporation. For the national security and economy a global, stable and interoperable Internet is vital. The 20-year long transition to the multi-stake holder model which is expected to best serve the countries interest is what we are committed to said the joint letter from September 13.


An initial deadline of September 2015 was set by the United State Government announcing its goal to relinquish control of Internet administration in the March of 2014.