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Surface Dial Announced By Microsoft

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Microsoft-Announced-AIO-Surface-Studio-300x129 Surface Dial Announced By MicrosoftMicrosoft has announced a new device dubbed as Surface Dial. A hockey puck-like design that will be a godsend for the digital artists. Tap the dial and a radial menu will show up and turn it afterward will provide you access to the menus. The Surface Dial is originally designed for the Surface Studio All-in-one. However, it will also work with the Surface Book, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4. Nevertheless, with the Surface Studio, it can control the tablet while resting on the screen an interface that is not available on the older tablets. The Dial is already available for preorder.


The Dial is a solution is a search of a problem in some sense. As of now, the Dial is configured to work with only the Maps app. Zooming in and zooming out can be controlled by spinning the dial in one way or the other respectively. It is sort of a mouse replacement. However, digital artists can experience the potential right away. Applying various shades of opacity and gradient color that can be applied to the single stroke of line and that to just turn of the Dial. Usually, an artist has to go back and forth multiple times to adjust the sliders in order to make something like this which can be achieved in just a spin with the Dial.