Surface Pro 3 Update Released To Fix Battery Issue

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Surface-Pro-3-Update-Released-To-Fix-Battery-Issue-300x129 Surface Pro 3 Update Released To Fix Battery IssueThe users of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 lineup of devices have a hard time getting a decent battery life from their devices. But help is here as the company rolled out a firmware update Surface Pro 3 devices. This update will fix the bug that restricts the battery from charging all the way to full capacity. Even though the system believes the full capacity was reached the battery actually didn’t get charged fully. This problem was there only on a few devices. To explain this bug the company referred to the instance of fuel gauge in a vehicle. The tank will not be filled if the gauge is not working properly even though the tank will be without any problem.


The users have to ensure a couple of things such as a 40 percent and above battery and the device should be plugged into an AC supply and the device should be removed any kind of docks . The Surface Firmware Update 8/29 will show up as a Windows Update. Connecting the device to AC supply without any docks is important.


Once all the steps are done the users need to restart their device and upon restart, the fix should be applied.