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Swiftkey Incorporates Neural Networks Into Its Keyboard

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Swiftkey-Incorporates-Neural-Networks-Into-Its-Keyboard-300x129 Swiftkey Incorporates Neural Networks Into Its KeyboardA year long trial of the Neural Network keyboard has been wrapped by SwiftKey and now the company is bringing it to the Android users. Microsoft subsidiary company believe the new prediction model is more accurately aligned the natural way of human communication. The new keyboard attempts to finish off the phrases and sentences in a way that the user would have wanted. For instance, “I’ll see you at the…” sentence will be suggested with “hotel, office airport” like suggestions while earlier the suggestions were “same, end or movement”. While the same phrase was tried on other keyboards like Google Keyboard, the result was exactly the same.


Users who do not want unstable keyboards might have missed the update last October as the feature was launched as an alpha test. Now it is believed that the yearlong test would have fixed the bugs and retained the stability. SwiftKey believes that neural network eventually will make its way to the keyboard to the iOS version.


Despite the users first choice be the Google keyboard we would suggest to give this keyboard a try. The yearlong test must have resulted well, but no matter what the typing experience on an Android device will be better.