Symantec Announces Luminate Security Acquisition to Boost Its Cloud Security

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Symantec-Announces-Luminate-Security-Acquisition-to-Boost-Its-Cloud-Security1 Symantec Announces Luminate Security Acquisition to Boost Its Cloud SecuritySymantec Corporation, an American software company headquartered in Mountain View, California, in a recent statement on Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 2019, announced the acquisition of Israel’s Luminate Security, in an attempt to boost its cloud security.

Further financial details on the acquisition deal were not disclosed.

According to Greg Clark, president, and CEO, Symantec, the industry anticipation for the future is that an increasing number of businesses will start operating on 3rd party infrastructures such as Azure, AWS and Google. And thus, in this cutthroat industry, businesses must carefully choose their infrastructure provider as corporations can outsource the infrastructure but they should be the one to remain in charge of data and users. With Luminate acquisition, the company will now be at the forefront of security in this era of the cloud.

With Luminate’s Secure Access Cloud, Symantec can scale privately with “no DNS” access control, which ensures secure connections to specific applications only to authorized users. The California based cybersecurity company also claims to have unified cloud and on-premises security across multiple endpoints, networks, email, and cloud, through their platform

The Tel-Aviv based Luminate, founded in 2017, claims that its technology is apt at providing a secure connection to users working from any device, anywhere in the world, to corporate applications in the cloud and on-premises.