Symantec Buys Appthority, Javelin Networks to Strengthen Endpoint Security

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Symantec-_Buys_-Appthority-_Javelin_-Networks_-to_-Strengthen_-Endpoint_Security Symantec Buys Appthority, Javelin Networks to Strengthen Endpoint SecurityThe cloud is setting a new trend wave in the software sector where companies are either getting into partnerships or getting acquired. This trend is now accompanied by Symantec where it acquired two companies Javelin Networks and Appthority to buoy their security business and mobile enterprise security credentials. But, terms of both deals are not yet disclosed.

Both of these companies are going to be a part of Symantec’s endpoint security business including their partners. Symantec’s endpoint security stack is a single-agent architecture and a part of Symantec’s four Integrated Cyber Defence platforms, which include network, cloud security, and newer born-in-the-cloud security technologies. Javelin Networks is a privately held security software company whose technology defends any Active Directory (AD)-based attacks. Its technology protects AD and commonly used domain resources from the endpoint including domain controllers, identities, and credentials. Appthority offers technologies such as mobile application security analysis to enable users to analyze mobile apps for malicious capabilities and vulnerabilities, data loss and other privacy-invasive actions. Appthority’s capabilities will be rolled into the Endpoint Protection Mobile platform which adds to a spectrum of endpoints and operating systems.

Symantec lately this year seems to be making a number of updates to its security portfolio untimely leading to a boost in its credibility and cloud enterprise customers. In October, the company was witnessed with significant cloud security updates and protections for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. It also brought in cloud access security broker (CASB) visibility to mobile apps and offered its security products and services as a managed service.