Synectics & AnyVision join forces on Facial Recognition Integration

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Synectics-AnyVision-join-forces-on-Facial-Recognition-Integration Synectics & AnyVision join forces on Facial Recognition IntegrationSynectics, a provider of integrated security and surveillance systems, as per recent reports this week, has announced entering into an integration partnership agreement with AnyVision, a pioneer in AI-optimized facial, body, and object recognition.

The announced collaboration will enable Synectics system users to utilize facial recognition data within its Synergy 3 command and control platform, and leverage this by integrating it with site-wide sub-systems data via the platform’s intelligent automation capabilities.

This new approach that involves combining and analyzing data from multiple systems in tandem with AnyVision’s technology, will deliver a highly refined actionable intelligence that’s yet to come in other market available surveillance systems.

“Synectics believes partnerships like this one with AnyVision create the foundation from which our business can adapt to changes in the marketplace and answers the call from our customers to provide cutting-edge solutions,” states John Roessler, Vice President of Gaming at Synectics. “Taking this approach also allows for increased return on investment not only for us but, more importantly, for our customers and partners.”

“Facial, body and object recognition have real-world benefits right now. Collaborating with best-of-breed technology partners to help more organizations ‒ working across diverse sectors ‒ harness new capabilities and achieve those benefits is hugely important to us,” explains Boris Gokhman, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, AnyVision.

Aiming to establish an interoperability ecosystem, Synectics recently announced a new software development kit (SDK) to assist third-party developers with writing their own integrations to Synergy 3.