Tableau Connector From SkyGiraffe, To Help With Business Data Visualization


Tableau Tableau Connector From SkyGiraffe, To Help With Business Data VisualizationIt can be difficult to get the entire picture of the organization from a plethora of available sources while business intelligence tools as the Tableau makes the companies better understand the data that they have saved up in systems like CRM and Database. A new connector to help with that while allowing companies to take live data from a diverse set of systems of record and visualize it in Tableau is been launched by SkyGiraffe on Tuesday. Without having to configure a bunch of different integrators, a single consistent meaning of visualizing data is what the connector will provide.


The SkyGiraffe can be set to connect with systems like SQL Servers, Oracle Database, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. Then all of them can be surfaced with one integration Tableau. If such a thing is possible then it is a marked difference. The ability to limit users data access is one of the key features of the SkyGiraffe. It is possible to show different people different results with one visualization because the information people see is tied to their accounts.


Which can allow the store managers to connect to an organization’s inventory and just see what he is looking for?