Tableau Is Hiring Cloud Expertise To Compete In Cloud-Centric Market

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Tableau-Is-Hiring-Cloud-Expertise-To-Compete-In-Cloud-Centric-Market-300x129 Tableau Is Hiring Cloud Expertise To Compete In Cloud-Centric MarketIn this cloud-centric world in order to compete, Tableau, a Data Virtualization specialist is bringing a veteran talent Adam Selipsky for aid. Selipsky will be the CEO of Tableau replacing Christian Chabot the co-founder and has a long-term experience AWS (Amazon Web Service). Though Chabot will continue to serve Tableau as Chairperson. Adan was an executive at RealNetworks leading the media player division and video subscription before he spends his 10 years as VP of marketing, sales, and support at AWS.


Chabot said in a statement Adam will take Tableau to the next level with his expertise in the cloud. Currently, Tableau offers its Tableau Online and on-premises desktop and server versions of its software. The company mentioned that the software offering is growing fast and they are working to improve its performance. Right now the kind of performance of the company exerts enormous pressure on company’s Board and senior executives and if a major shareholder demand Tableau to make a bold move, reduce the roles of the company’s founders, or begin shopping itself to potential buyers will not be surprising.


Another co-founder Chris Stolte of Tableau who is also the Chief Development Officer (CDO) will also be moved to another position as Technical Adviser and Andrew Beers will be appointed as CDO.