Talespin Uses Artificial Intelligence-Powered Virtual Human Platform To Develop Soft Skills In Employees

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Talespin-Uses_Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Virtual-Human-Platform-To-Develop-Soft-Skills-In-Employees Talespin Uses Artificial Intelligence-Powered Virtual Human Platform To Develop Soft Skills In EmployeesTalespin, an enterprise developer of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence solutions, has leveraged AI to address the challenges of developing soft skills in employees. For that, the company is using a new Virtual Human platform to create realistic simulations for employee training purposes.

Unlike other traditional employee training system that might comprise passively watching a video or lightly interrelating with collections of canned multiple choice questions, Talespin’s system has a trainee interact with an AI-powered virtual human, speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Because the interactions utilize VR headsets and controllers, the hardware can track a trainee’s stare, body movement, and facial expressions during the session. The California-based company’s virtual is capable of communicating realistically, guiding trainees with branching narratives by utilizing natural traits and believable speech. During a basic training situation, the company’s virtual human might perform something as simple as showing the correct way to do in a scenario. Previously, Talespin developed a Virtual Reality model for assisting Farmers Insurance where a trainee learns to perform like a claims adjuster examining water damage.

Though, Artificial Intelligence technologies allow the simulation to go wider and deeper. A demo of the new platform places the trainee in the role of an HR employee who must terminate a fellow employee that is a challenge for almost any untrained person. Rather than just working through a role set of processes, the VR company presented an interactive virtual human, which full with the heavy emotions and stress normally found in that scenario. Besides following a branched narrative, the scenario teaches users how to stay away from common wrongful termination issues.