Taos Announces To Open New Center of Innovation To Create Latest Google Cloud-focused Solutions

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Taos-Announces_To-Open-New-Center-of-Innovation-To-Create-Latest-Google-Cloud-focused-Solutions Taos Announces To Open New Center of Innovation To Create Latest Google Cloud-focused SolutionsThe leader in Cloud Managed Services, Taos announced Tuesday this week that it will be open a new Center of Innovation in Boise, Idaho, in association with Google Cloud, enabling innovators to develop new Google Cloud-focused solutions. The Center will provide as the focal point for Taos’ thought leaders to edify clients, prospects, and the community on rising technologies and Cloud concepts. The site is aimed to fuel collaboration, with the latest in tools, resources, and Cloud expertise, all in one place.

Taos Chief Operating Officer, Hamilton Yu stated that his company’s main focus over the next three years will be to escort in new energy of innovative solutions that profoundly allow their customers to confidently address the compound IT challenges ahead of them. This is all possible through the company’s collaboration with Google Cloud and Taos look forward to transforming client’s businesses, scale, and optimize with solutions and collaborations which come from this new Center of Innovation, Yu added. The Cloud-based company considers innovation can happen anywhere and is committed to guarantying the brightest talent and best ideas have space and tools to build what’s next for Boise. The Center is set to open January 16th in Boise, Idaho.

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Taos empowers enterprises to operate efficiently, rapidly innovate, and scale their business. As an inclusive Technology Solutions Partner for nearly 30 years, the company simplifies today’s compound digital landscape by offering both strategic and technical guidance while deploying transformative solutions.