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Target Is Awarded “The Top Corporate Solar Customer”

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Target-Is-Awarded-The-Top-Corporate-Solar-Customer-300x129 Target Is Awarded “The Top Corporate Solar Customer”According to a new report, the persistent champion Walmart as the U.S.’s top corporate user of solar power has surpassed by the Target. 147 megawatts of solar capacity has been installed on 300 storesby Target mentioned SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association) 2016 Solar Means Business Report. The Target said they are proud of the kind of progress they have made in reducing environmental impact and improving building efficiency. John Leisen, Vice President of property management at Target, said in the SEIA statement that the company is targeting to equip 500 distribution centers and stores with the solar energy by the end of 2020.


Walmart is now holding the second spot with 145MW of solar power installed on 364 buildings said SEIA. Those figures kept Walmart on the top of the list for four years until now. In this year’s tally after Target and Walmart Prologis and Apple are in the third and fourth positions respectively with 107.8MW and 93.9MW of solar power. Through a deal with First solar the nation’s largest PhotoVoltaic manufacturer and provider of utility scale PV plants, Apple is investing $850 million in a solar power plant. The new California Flat Solar Project is under construction and the company will get 130MW of solar power from this project which is going to be completed by the end of this year.