Tech official Says Small Public Safety Agencies Are Most willing to try new things

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Tech_official_Says_Small_-Public_Safety_Agencies_Are_Most_willing_to_try_new_things Tech official Says Small Public Safety Agencies Are Most willing to try new thingsIn the government-wide arena, there is often a perception that it’s the bigger cities and counties that are always doing exciting new things and driving cutting-edge technologies. But ask an entrepreneur over the public safety technology space regarding their experience working with smaller agencies, there will be a different aspect.

President of Callyo, the world’s top mobile phone technology company for law enforcement, Steve Ressler said that smaller agencies are more agile and innovate, and they’re nimble, so they’re more likely to try new things. At the ResponderXLive event, a showcase for emergency responder technology organized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Responder Ventures in San Francisco last week, where several entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences navigating the market.

Entrepreneurs pointed that though larger agencies tend to have bigger budgets, often smaller agencies that are the most willing to try new things. What’s more, because of Cloud Computing comparatively recent ubiquity; it is easier to deploy new software, making it accessible to get over the blockades that used to make it difficult to work with lots of smaller clients.

Co-Founder of Kaseware, Dorian Deligeorges pointed out that to host the software in a CJIS-compliant government Cloud, as Kaseware does, means that agencies don’t have to worry about putting servers in their back room or their basement, they don’t have to worry about hiring people to maintain those servers and to do upgrades. Kaseware is the premier case, investigations, and incident management system designed and developed by former FBI Special Agents.