Tencent & China Telecom Enter An Agreement To Upgrade Data Services

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Tencent__China_Telecom_Enter_An_Agreement_To_Upgrade_Data_Services Tencent & China Telecom Enter An Agreement To Upgrade Data ServicesTencent, a Chinese multinational investment holding conglomerate, in a statement on Tuesday, Dec. 25th 2018, announced entering into an agreement with the Guangdong branch of China Telecom, a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company, in an attempt to further cooperation and upgrade China Telecom’s data center services on the mainland, China. This agreement with Tencent, make it the second agreement by China Telecom so far, after an earlier similar agreement made by its Chongqing branch.

The agreement from China Telecom’s Guangdong branch was signed by Zhu Yitong, Deputy General Manager of the IDC (Internet Data Center) business department and Zhu Hua, Director of Tencent’s Internet Data Center.

According to Yang Xiaofeng, Deputy General Manager, China Telecom, Guangdong branch, the strategic cooperation marks a new step towards the deepening cooperation between the two entities. Adding further, Yang said that CT’s Guangdong branch will be able to use Tencent’s Tnebula and related intelligent products along with its advanced management experiences to further expand its IDC operations, quality and efficiency and maximize the value of IDC, in the coming years. Tencent has over 2 decades of experience in data center operations and also offers a robust and intelligent cloud computing platform.

According to Zhong Yuanhe, Head of the Data Center at Tencent’s technical engineering group, the industrial internet sector, with its ever-growing internet usage and the growth of data centers are inter-related, with one complementing the other. Adding further, Zhong said that the Tencent data center will offer its planning, construction, and operational expertise, and help build a stable, intelligent and massive data center in the era of industrial internet, along the way.