TenFour Adds Former Comcast CIO To Its Board Of Directors

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TenFour_Adds_Former_Comcast_CIO_To_Its_Board_Of_Directors TenFour Adds Former Comcast CIO To Its Board Of DirectorsTenFour, an IT Infrastructure company, in a recent statement on Thursday, Dec. 27th 2018, announced Scott Alcott as the newest addition to company’s Board of Directors. Alcott, who is an award-winning C-level executive and technology innovator and catalyst, will guide TenFour in its vision for the IT industry.

Alcott, prior to joining TenFour’s Board of Directors, was the CIO of Comcast Cable. During his tenure at Comcast, Alcott transformed the company’s technology, making it emerge as a powerful contender in this digital age. Alcott, who was only the second CIO in Comcast’s 35-year journey, overcame legacy software and tools, while also tasked to oversee 1,500 full-time employees and leading the infrastructure, operations, engineering, development, and lifecycle management of all IT services enabling corporate and HR systems.

Prior his CIO post at Comcast, he was at Belgacom, a Belgium based telecom company, where he held positions of COO, CMO, CTO, & CEO; and before that he served as Director of Marketing for Ameritech Corporation, now AT&T. Alcott, who holds 2 US patents, has also served on upwards of a dozen Board of Directors.

Alcott, who spoke on his joining TenFour’s B of Ds, said that the best CIOs have already contracted multi-tenant, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS service providers, with the day-to-day handling and management of computing, storage, software development platforms, and other ‘engine room’ functions. But, still a large part of a CIO’s ecosystem remains ‘uncloudified’: routers, switches, wireless access points (WAPs), firewalls, IP phones, and IoT devices hang on the network in exploding numbers. TenFour’s unique offering can address these remaining parts of the IT ecosystem that have not yet been ‘cloudified’. We pull in all of this disparate infrastructure into a reference architecture, actively monitor and manage the full lifecycle through a single control plane and deliver it all as a Service Level Agreement –SLA-based end-to-end service.