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Tesla and Stock Misadventures Didn’t Stop Mobileye From Developing

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Tesla-and-Stock-Misadventures-Didn’t-Stop-Mobileye-From-Developing-300x129 Tesla and Stock Misadventures Didn’t Stop Mobileye From DevelopingIn order to add the ability of self-driving to its vehicles, the electric vehicle startup company Lucid Motors has decided to join forces with Mobileye. The full suite of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) from Mobileye will be incorporated into the vehicles of Lucid Motors. The company has announced that their vehicles will be incorporated with autonomous technologies right from the beginning,however, the company is yet to announce the date of release of its very first vehicle. Fusion software, Primary Computing Program, REM (Road Experience Management), 8 camera surround view processing and reinforced learning algorithms will be included in the complete suite of the ADAS. The self-driving capabilities will be safer with all the LIDARs, RADARs, and cameras. Despite the 0.83 percent drop in stock values on the last day of the year 2016, Lucid Motors didn’t stop the decision from collaborating with Mobileye.


Due to the recent accident of the Tesla Model S, while the autopilot was engaged, Mobileye has lost the partnership with Tesla as the disagreements broke out. Mobileye is the leading manufacturer of the advanced driver assistant system despite the misadventures with Tesla and stock market. The company is growing and joining forces with other companies like Delphi Motors, Lucid Motors and HERE Mapping Company and Calsonic.