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Testified Linkedin Concerns From Microsoft Do Not Extent To Much

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Testified-Linkedin-Concerns-From-Microsoft-Do-Not-Extent-To-Much-300x205 Testified Linkedin Concerns From Microsoft Do Not Extent To MuchGetting its $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn approved in the Europe has turned out to be a tough challenge for Microsoft. The European Union competition authority has stretched out to a number of challengers for comment while Salesforce has challenged the move on competitive grounds. In order to get the deal approved the company is suggesting a concession to the European regulators. According to a report,add-ins can be added to the LinkedIn’s competitorsthat allow their content show up inside of Outlook. Precisely, the add-ins would let contending social networks exhibit their information in Outlook, so users could do stuff like check someone’s profile in a calendar entry.All things considered, getting the German professional social network XING to get real estate inside Microsoft’s email client though sounds generous but it is not.


Including the ones that run in outlook, Microsoft is offering an open platform for organizations to create and publish Office add-ins. Creating and distributing add-ins through Microsoft Office Store or its own channels can be done by any company as long as a specific security requirement is achieved. Salesforce that already has an add-in that it developed in partnership with Microsoft appears even less appealing concession.